What to Bring

yoga matwater-bottle


    • Water: Bring at least a liter of water and make sure you are well hydrated prior to class
    • Mat: Bring your own mat. If you don’t have one, no problem – you can borrow one for free. We also offer yoga mats for purchase.
    • Towel: It gets hot so bring a towel. If you forget, you can rent one for $2. We also offer yoga towels for purchase.
    • Active Gear: Wear comfortable clothing that’s breathable and wicks away moisture, such as leggings, shorts, tank tops and t-shirts.
    • If this is your FIRST time to the studio, please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to class to fill out some paperwork.
Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Please refrain from eating at least 3 hours prior to class.

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