Vision Promise Values

Our Brand Foundation

Our Vision

We hold space for you to come as YOU are, experience a fun and modern approach to body, mind & spirit connection, and discover that yoga and meditation are accessible for everyone and every “body”.    


Our Promise

We promise to deliver Space, Peace & Connection
Space |  to breathe, receive & feel
Peace |  a calm mind, relaxed body, and an open heart
Connection | a deeper knowing of yourself and an enriched perception of the world


Our Core Values

Gratitude | full stop !
Humility | be humble with your own genius
Honour | a strong moral compass
Self-awareness | own your sh*t …. how you show up in the world is a choice
Joy | it is your birthright
Kindness | do the right thing;  help others and be kind even when no one is watching
Untameable | be “you”…. authentic and real