Studio Etiquette


As a gesture of respect to our yoga teachers and your fellow yogis, we ask that you honour these courtesies:

Observe Silence

The yoga room is a quiet, sacred space and is a place for focus, grounding and meditation.  Please respect the space of your teacher and your fellow yogis by refraining from talking and please move quietly.  This includes rolling out your mat, settling in, entering and leaving. Your practice begins when you walk in the door to the room.

Arrive 15 Minutes Before Class Starts

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the class so you can have a few minutes to settle yourself.  Both you and your fellow yogis will be glad you did.

Leave Your Personal Items Outside

Please keep all your personal belongings in one of the cubbies provided, including jackets, socks, hats, keys, sunglasses, cell phones and pagers. A clutter free studio is conducive to a clutter free mind and practice.

If (and only if) you are an emergency medical personnel on call, put your pager or phone on vibrate and place it under the corner of your yoga mat.

Scent Free Zone

Please refrain from wearing perfume or scented lotions or oils. Some of your fellow yogis may be sensitive to these smells.

Smile and Be Friendly

Our sitting area is meant to be a place of social interaction and connection. This is your community.  Smile and say hello to others. Introduce yourself. This will shift your perspective on class and enhance your community by participating in it.

Focus Inside

Namaskar Yoga has made the conscious decision to keep the yoga room free from mirrors. Mirrors are a distraction and more of a detriment than a benefit. Students tend to compromise form and safety by trying to see what they look like, and outward appearance becomes the preoccupation. True yoga is about looking within.

You will experience a transformative practice by turning your attention inward, hearing the cues and feeling the poses in your body as opposed to judging them with your eyes only. It is the responsibility of our yoga teachers to provide alignment cues and make corrections and adjustments safely, when necessary.

Should you wish to not have any hands on assistance, please advise the front desk and/or your teacher.