Covid-19 Updates

Mandatory health screening & etiquette

Masks are required at all times except during practice.

Health screening for guests, teachers and team members is required. Only those who meet requirements and follow mandatory safety guidelines are permitted.

If you show any signs of illness while present in the studio (for example, coughing) or you do not follow our safety protocols, we will ask you to leave.

Reduced Capacity & Reduced Schedule

Floor markers indicate designated spots to give the required 8 feet space in between each mat

As of December 14, 2020, non-heated, low impact classes will be offered until further notice.

Reduced schedule allows time for continuous risk assessment and increased cleaning protocols

Cleaning procedures

Studio will be  thoroughly cleaned after every single class, using a Health Canada approved disinfectant that is known to kill viruses.

This includes: classroom floor, washroom and high touch areas like switches and handles.

Protection of staff

We’re providing gloves and face masks for team members. Team will have been provided with additional health, safety and personal hygiene training prior to working in the studio.

Reduced services

Sitting area, showers/change rooms, water dispenser are closed until further notice

ONE washroom will be open but should only be used if absolutely necessary (and not as a change room)

No props will be available for personal use. Classes will be taught with this in mind

Mat rentals and towel service are discontinued

Lost & Found will NOT be maintained

What we Need From You

Meet Health Screening Standards
Please use this health assessment before coming to the studio
Personal Protective Equipment
Masks are required to enter and exit studio.
No Walk Ins – Advanced Booking Only
ALL classes MUST be registered for in advance online. No drop ins will be permitted.
Class Cancellation Policy
As we are offering limited spots for in studio classes, you are required to cancel online at least 12 hours prior to class. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of passes or a $15 late cancellation fee.
We will not be accepting cash, nor will there be any cash on site. Please purchase passes online.

Mandatory Class Etiquette

Before Class
Guests are permitted into the facility no more than 10 minutes prior to class. Arrive during this window as we have limited space for queuing.
Bring your own mat, water and towel
Upon entry you are required to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer (provided at entrance)
Throughout the Studio
Remove your shoes, keep your socks on (socks MUST be worn into and out of studio) and go directly to the studio. Follow directional markers on the floor.
File into the room in an orderly fashion, maintaining physical distancing. The first person into the room will go to the farthest spot in the back row and so on.
Come dressed for class. The shower rooms are closed and are not permitted to be used as change rooms. ONE washroom will be open but should only be used if absolutely necessary.
Do not bring bags, purses, wallets, phones or unessential items into the studio.
During Class
Stay on your mat to maintain physical distancing
We will not be offering hands on assistance/adjustments
After Class
Mask on. Socks on.
Guests in the front row closest to the door will exit single file first, while those in the back row will exit single file last.
Exit class promptly – in order to facilitate thorough cleaning, we require guests to leave within 5 minutes of their class ending.
Upon exit, use hand sanitizer.
We will not be maintaining a Lost & Found area so ensure that you leave with all your belongings. We will discard anything left behind.
To accommodate as many guests as possible, we will only allow 1 reservation per guest per day in the studio.
Be patient. Be considerate. Be kind.