New to Yoga

At Namaskar Yoga, we understand that trying something new can feel awkward and intimidating. We’ve been there.  Before we were teachers, we were beginners – just like you.

We offer interactive beginners classes where you are encouraged to ask questions. These classes are paced appropriately, with clear, step by step instruction so you need not worry about being able to “keep up.” Our teachers are supportive, encouraging and genuinely care about your well-being.

We warmly welcome all ages (14+) and all bodies — every shape and size. Don’t worry if you think your body isn’t “flexible” — all you need to start is a flexible mind.

We offer a variety of yoga classes in a non-heated & reduced heat environment,  as well as private yoga sessions if you’d prefer a more personal introduction.

Our friendly, experienced instructors will make you feel comfortable and put you at ease by providing compassionate guidance in every class.  Start where you are.

No matter where you begin, yoga will meet you there.


Find a Class That’s Right for Me