The Grace in Letting Go

The demolition and build out of the studio space in Parksville has officially started. From debris and disorder, I can see something beautiful emerging. But only after being humbled by the grace in letting go.

I’ve let go of preconceived notions. I’ve let go of attachments. I’ve let go of fear. And in the process, my awareness of how truly fortunate and blessed I am has expanded. Even though things haven’t quite gone according to plan, my intention is still manifest.

In my classes, I always say to my students, “Ask yourself if you can just be here — without any judgment, without any expectation.” I see clearly now that it’s my turn.

So here I am, in this place. Without any judgment, without any expectation. In this place, I am the observer watching everything unfold as it should, trusting in that which is greater than I.

And may I just say – the view is extraordinary.