Message From a Yogi

I miss teaching.

I miss the energy of my students. I miss their smiling faces. I miss the pleasant surprise of seeing who’s coming to my class today. But most of all, I miss that intangible connection – the one in which we all move together and breathe as one.

Even though starting a business takes a lot of time and focus, and I have been given the gift of time to dedicate to my own yoga practice – I still feel a void; a sense of loss; a loss of purpose.

One of the biggest reasons that I decided to open a yoga studio was because I refused to leave my fate in someone else’s hands. It took a long time for me to honour my calling, and I was not going to let someone else determine if or when I would teach yoga again.

And I know I will teach again in the not too distant future. Heck – soon enough I’ll have the option to teach 10 times a day 😉

But I would be remiss if I did not tell you how much I appreciate teaching yoga, how much I appreciate my students.

Beautiful Yogi’s, may you know how cherished and valued you are.

With love and gratitude,