A Time For Change

Five years ago, if you had told me that I’d be teaching yoga and opening a yoga studio on the West Coast, I would have laughed and said, “that’s impossible.” And yet, here we are.

The paperwork phase is now officially complete! The past 30 days have been a little intense at times, and have taught me a great deal about patience and trust.

Now it’s time for the second phase to begin. Namaskar Yoga is located at 10-102 Island Hwy. E. (behind Shopper’s Drug Mart, where BLYS Yoga studio used to be).

Renovations are scheduled to start at the beginning of May. I am deeply grateful to one of my students, Ken Kruper, Owner of Surecraft Developments for taking on this project and bringing my vision to life.

It is a time for change, for hope, for growth and most importantly for gratitude. As I reflect upon the last 5 years, what I can say for sure is this: whatever you give, whatever you share with the world — it all comes back, ten fold.

With love and gratitude,