I’m Sorry

I (unintentionally) hurt someone’s feelings today. And I wasn’t prepared for their reaction to the news that I am opening my own studio.

Today I realized that there are going to be business decisions that I will have to make that will cite judgement, disapproval, resentment — even anger.  As an advocate of peace and good will, this realization made me feel uncomfortable. Sick.

For the first time, I questioned whether I am doing the right thing …. I left the business world to get away from the egoic confrontations, disputes and hostility.  So how am I supposed to find equanimity between building a business, staying true to myself and making everyone happy? It was a brief moment — because in the end, I believe heart and soul that I am doing the right thing. No matter what happens – I am compelled to do this.

But this is a lesson that I need to learn early on: although I will do my best, I can’t please everyone. My best is good enough.

LG – Thank you for teaching me this. I’m sorry for hurting you.